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June 2023-May 2024 Executive Board

Julie Bosdachin, Nancy Lopez, Lucy Solares, Dianna Hampton, Margie Delgado and Leila Giries (missing is Ruby Gaytan)

The flower which was chosen for this morning’s installation is the
“yellow rose”, a symbol of God’s beauty and artistry, has long
been associated with spiritual enlightenment and wisdom,
representing the divine energy that exists within all of us. It’s a sign of
joy and happiness and long-lasting friendships that will only grow
stronger with time.

There’s nothing more rewarding than a successful Guild Event. It takes
strategy, confidence, and organization to achieve positive results. It’s
through inspiration, and providing direction while adhering to detail and
timelines; by adding a dash of excitement to the mix and focusing on the
big picture.
There will be fundraisers for a worthy cause, as well as wonderful
events that we look forward to, which provide great fellowship within our
Parish and community.
Who, you ask, is behind this task force? Let us introduce Leila Giries who
will be installed this morning as the Ways and Means Chair, a member of
the Executive Board. Leila will always have a group of energetic people
who will work together to help follow through with the planning by working
together to achieve those positive goals.
Leila, please accept these flowers which represent your dedication to the
Woman’s Guild. Your yellow rose represents your hard work, and your wish to
help others and explore new horizons. Your kindness and encouragement
are wonderful traits, they bring inner peace and happiness and make life

Leila Giries,
May Our Lady, Mother of Divine Grace be your Patroness, her Feast Day is
July 23rd.

There is a feeling of peace, comfort, and sparkle within these walls.
There’s a radiance of sunlight coming through the stained glass. And it’s
that sense of spirituality, where God welcomes us all. Since the beginning
of the Women’s Guild in 1951 we have appreciated that warm welcome
every time we enter these doors; that’s 72 years of keeping the beauty of
God’s house!
The vision is to maintain a welcoming and inviting place for Parishioners and
visitors alike. The mission is to continue with a humble work of cleanliness
and to maintain its appearance with integrity, care and respect.
Let us introduce Margie Delgado who will be installed this morning as the
Altar Chair, a member of the Executive Board… Why not join the “behind
the Sacristy” crew. You will not only burn a few calories but your body will
release endorphins and make you feel exhilarated. You’ll find that polishing
the marble isn’t so bad, and placing the missiles back in their place is a
breeze; it’s such small task once a week; and when completed you will
have that inner feeling of peace in your heart because you have done a
true work of joy.
Margie, please accept these flowers which represent your dedication to the
Woman’s Guild. Your yellow rose represents joy, happiness, and divine
energy, with special blessings from the Mother of God and her Son.

Margie Delgado
May the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the church be your Patroness, her
Feast Day, is June 1st.

The Woman’s Guild Newsletter essentially creates a spirit of unity, it is one
major key to communicating with its members.
This takes organizational skills and creativity with timelines and deadlines.
Spending countless hours editing and revising articles and determining
which articles will actually appear in an issue while cooperating with
contributors and everyone who makes our newsletter possible. There’s
support in assisting with not only the difficult and time-consuming task of
mailing preparation but also that of managing correspondence and official
forms of documentation on behalf of the Guild.
There may be rain, hail, snow, and maybe even a tornado, but that newsletter
will get through. This takes perseverance and patience. According to
scripture, patience is a virtue and a fruit of the holy spirit, a vital part of
trusting in God. Ruby Gaytan is teaching this morning and unable to
attend, however, she will be duly installed as the Corresponding Secretary
and a member of the Executive Board.

Ruby Gaytan
Our Lady of Peace will be her Patroness, her Feast Day is January 24th.

Financial accountability of the Woman’s Guild is an open book. A monthly
Treasurer’s report is provided to its members, a spreadsheet showing
exactly where the money is.
The importance of budgeting is the basis of its operation. Managing cash
flow, receiving and disbursing of funds according to the bylaws. It’s the
attention to detail, with clear and accurate record keeping, where it all adds
up at the end of the month.
She manages the financial affairs of the Guild, let us introduce Dianna
Hampton who will be installed this morning as the Treasurer and is a
member of the Executive Board.
Dianna, you are responsible for safekeeping the funds of the Guild. All
checks drawn must be signed by yourself and the President as well. You
play an important role in the Guild’s ability to carry out service projects, and
your reliability, and honesty are important moral values you hold dear.
Please accept these flowers which represent your dedication to the
Women’s Guild. This yellow rose is a symbol of courage, inner strength, and confidence.

Dianna Hampton
May Our Lady of Mercy (also known as Our Lady of Ransom) be your
Patroness, her Feast Day, September 24th.

With a laptop at her fingertips and a good ear for listening, her gift of
communication, wisdom, and accuracy are necessary for a well organized
It takes major attention to detail and requires an individual who can take in
all the information during a Board Meeting. There’s old business, there’s
new business, and there’s discussion. These concise recordings serve as
official minutes and are provided to board members on a monthly basis.
Who is behind the laptop, created our website and social media? Let us
introduce Julie Bosdachin who will be installed this morning as the
Recording Secretary and a member of the Executive Board. The Guild’s
website and social media is a great undertaking that will benefit our
Connection with Parishioners and the community.
Your diligence, indicative of work ethic, is one of the seven Heavenly
Virtues. Your spirit of generosity by providing materials to its members is
rooted in love and service to others.
Please accept these flowers which represent your dedication to the
Woman’s Guild. This yellow rose is a symbol of joy and friendship.

Julie Bosdachin
May Our Lady, Mother of Fair Love by your Patroness whose Feast Day is
May 31st.

Ambitious, confident, and motivated. She will be responsible for many of
the administrative functions and events and will support the President in
overseeing the operation of the Woman’s Guild and will maintain the Guild
It’s not just about sipping tea with fellow members, presenting a guest
speaker, honoring the Past Presidents for their contribution or even
participating in the drawings at many events. It’s about working well with
committees and being committed to meeting the goals of the Guild. She is
responsible for every concept related to our events and by working together
will find success in cooperation and work.
Let us introduce Nancy Lopez who will be installed this morning as the Vice
President of the Woman’s Guild, and a member of the Executive Board. Nancy
will work closely with the President and assist in deciding which matters are
dealt with by its board members. She will have contact with those within
the Parish and community and her leadership will be invaluable to the
Guild. Your eagerness to lead others is the quality of a kind individual and
one of the seven Heavenly virtues.
Please accept these flowers which represent your dedication to the
Woman’s Guild. Your yellow rose is a symbol of festivity, joy, and

Nancy Lopez
May Our Lady of the Rosary be your Patroness, whose Feast Day is
October 7th.

She will provide leadership and is our representative of the Catholic
Woman’s Guild. She will support each Executive Board member by working
closely with them, by listening to them, and to oversee that their roles are
successfully performed.
She will preside at all Board and General meetings to ensure the Guild
works for the interest of its members while focusing on its mission. She
will create the Guild roster, develop and implement the budget and financial
reports, approve, and sign checks for reimbursements, just to name a few of the responsibilities.
The first Wednesday of the month the gavel will hit at 10 am for the meeting
to begin. There will be reports read, announcements to be made and
business is on the table.
It is with great honor that I introduce Lucy Solares who will be installed
this morning as the President of the Catholic Woman’s Guild, a member of
the Executive Board… Yours is a position of wisdom, understanding and
respect, and with your leadership and the full support of its members the Guild
will be successful in all its endeavors. Your wisdom and understanding are
two gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Please accept these flowers which represent your dedication to the
Woman’s Guild. This bouquet with yellow roses reminds us that no matter
what challenges are faced in life there’s always something positive waiting
just around the corner.

Lucy Solares
We call upon Our Lady of Perpetual Help to be your Patroness, her Feast
Day, June 27th.

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